Redefining Freedom

Join us for 9 weeks of teaching and encounter with God that will challenge you to think differently and break out of the walls of tradition.


Week 1: Tree of Life
Week 2: Hearing God
Week 3: Levels of Change
Week 4: The roots of Shame and Fear
Week 5: Purity, Rejection, and Forgiveness
Week 6: Father Ladder, Inner vows and judgements, and Generational agreements
Week 7: Understanding the Kingdom
Week 8: Life in the Kingdom
Week 9: Intimacy 


We encourage you to attend these heart changing encounters every week, but if you are unable to commit to the 9 weeks, you are welcome to attend whatever ones you can. 


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Help us to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of those who are hurting, lacking and needing a touch from the Father where ever we encounter them.

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