Personal Ministry

Our Personal Ministry is a time of healing, transformation and going deeper with God.

Whether you're looking for break-through or just desiring more intimacy in your relationship with the Lord, chances are, you'll receive both in this Holy Spirit led time.

Anything we struggle with finds its root in lies we believe about God and about ourselves.

Healing comes from receiving His Truth and coming into agreement with it, and Him.

We have seen incredible transformation and healing in what the world would call the most hopeless of circumstances.

Many know that God is the answer, but lack direction in how to receive His healing in every area of our lives.

It is our joy to lead men, women and children into an understanding of their true identity in Christ.


Discover who God created and redeemed you to be....schedule a Personal Ministry Session Today. Sessions are available for children and adults.

A minimum donation of $75 is collected at time of scheduling.  There are no refunds for missed/canceled appointments.  


For couple's sessions, we require that both individuals have personal sessions prior to entering into a couple's session.


Please note...

1. Our pastors are engaged solely in spiritual counseling based on their understanding of the Bible, and they are not engaged in the practice of psychology, professional counseling, or psychotherapy.

2. State law requires us to report allegations of child abuse to civil authorities. Any statements made in confidence in the course of personal ministry will be kept in strict confidence by the pastor. As noted above, the duty to maintain confidences may not apply in the context of child abuse. Further, the pastor may reserve the right to disclose confidential information in specified situations (such as threats of suicide or an intent to harm another person).

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