Our Downtown Outeach seeks to embrace the lost and hurting with Love and the tangible meeting of their immediate needs. It may be a sleeping bag or warm socks. It may be food, warm boots or simply a listening ear and a loving heart. 


We follow Jesus' example for loving the lost given to us through his interaction with Zacchaeus. We do this by:

Speaking Life, Value and God’s Design, into and over each person
Letting them know that they are not only seen, but that they matter -  a lot
Getting so close to each person that the Love in us overflows and oozes onto them in such a way that their life is radically changed – just like Zacchaeus


For Zacchaeus, all it took was that brief encounter with Jesus to become totally new.  He was embraced by Love and it changed him forever.

We carry that same power – that Love dwells in us.

Our embrace, our way of seeing people (not by what they’ve done, but as Jesus has redeemed them to be), and our willingness to draw near to those who need Jesus’ touch, will give those who are lost, their Zacchaeus moment.


Our next outreach is May 28th.

We will meet at 2 pm to put bags together.

Training will begin at 2:30 pm.

We will head out at 3 pm.


You can help us meet the basic needs of those we encounter by providing any of the following items listed below.

We would be happy to provide you with an in kind donation receipt if you would like.

We are in need of:

150 bottles of water
150 pieces of fresh fruit
150 granola bars
150 snack size chip bags
150 trail mix snack size trail mix packages
150 packs/sticks jerky
150 pairs of NEW socks

We are also collecting:

wet wipes
soft bristle toothbrushes
rolling suitcases
sleeping bags
winter gear
adult tennis shoes and boots
XL-5X coats and hoodies
NEW underwear

Donations can be placed within the gate of our meeting room between M-F 9-5.