Personal Ministry Intensive Training


Our Personal Ministry Intensive is a three day time of receiving. Many come to train and learn how to effectively minister God’s heart to the hurting and broken and many come ready to receive, heal, learn and step into freedom. The beautiful part of the intensive is that the former is actually the outcome of the latter.

We very intentionally create an intimate, safe and protected environment for authentic honesty and transparency. This is extremely important as leaders and lay people alike enter into the vulnerability that is necessary for healing and freedom.

We can’t give away what we haven’t received for ourselves, and so our primary training tool is training others through ministering to them.

This is not a time of study or the learning of principles. Each Intensive is Holy Spirit led and varies in content depending on the needs of the participants. However, the expectation for each intensive is:

  • Inexplicable newness, healing and transformation.

  • A time of intimacy with the Lord.

  • Hearing His voice.

  • Community, and connection.

  • Rest.

  • Truth.

  • Safety.


We offer an “introductory” one day intensive at your location, as well as our three day intensives either twice a year at our location or at a designated time at your location.

Sample One Day Schedule
Session 1: 9am-12noon
Lunch provided by host
Session 2: 1-5pm
While everyone is free to leave at 5pm, our ministry team will be available to those who have further questions/needs from 5-7pm.
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Sample Three Day Schedule

Snacks are included at each session as well as a light breakfast and lunch.

Day 1 

            Session 1: 10am-1pm(Working lunch)

            Session 2: 1:30-4:30pm

                        Dinner break on your own

            Session 3: 6-8pm

Day 2 

            Session 4: 10am-1pm(Working lunch)

            Session 5: 1:30-4:30pm

                        Dinner break on your own

            Session 6: 6-8pm

Day 3

            Session 7: 10am-1pm(Working lunch)

            Session 8: 1:30-4:30pm

                        Dinner break on your own

            Session 9: 6-8pm


Because of the nature of this training, it is required that participants attend in its entirety.


The three day intensive trainings are held two times each year in the Kalamazoo, MI area with the cost of $350 per participant.


The next three day intensive training is coming up July 11-13 2017


Please call us at 269-389-0458 to register


Our team is also available throughout the year to bring this training to your area. 

If you are interested in hosting a Personal Ministry Intensive in your area, please contact us.  The price for this training is dependent on the following factors:

  • The number of people who register to attend
  • Venue cost
  • Catering costs in your area
  • Travel arrangements for our team of 3-4 people
  • Accommodations for our team of 3-4 people


Personal Ministry

Our Personal Ministry is a time of healing, transformation and going deeper with God.

Whether you're looking for break-through or just desiring more intimacy in your relationship with the Lord, chances are, you'll receive both in this Holy Spirit led time.

Anything we struggle with finds its root in lies we believe about God and about ourselves.

Healing comes from receiving His Truth and coming into agreement with it, and Him.

We have seen incredible transformation and healing in what the world would call the most hopeless of circumstances.

Many know that God is the answer, but lack direction in how to receive His healing in every area of our lives.

It is our joy to lead men, women and children into an understanding of their true identity in Christ.


Discover who God created and redeemed you to be....schedule a Personal Ministry Session Today. Sessions are available for children and adults.

A minimum donation of $75 is collected at time of scheduling.  There are no refunds for missed/canceled appointments.  


For couple's sessions, we require that both individuals have personal sessions prior to entering into a couple's session.


Please note...

1. Our pastors are engaged solely in spiritual counseling based on their understanding of the Bible, and they are not engaged in the practice of psychology, professional counseling, or psychotherapy.

2. State law requires us to report allegations of child abuse to civil authorities. Any statements made in confidence in the course of personal ministry will be kept in strict confidence by the pastor. As noted above, the duty to maintain confidences may not apply in the context of child abuse. Further, the pastor may reserve the right to disclose confidential information in specified situations (such as threats of suicide or an intent to harm another person).

Zacchaeus Mission

As believers, the compassion of Christ should be burning within us.  As we see those who are lost and hurting we know that as we feed them, clothe them and embrace them.  We have the privilege to not only honor them, but to honor Jesus in so doing. 

This is why we have Zacchaeus Missions.

Zacchaeus Missions are really anything that takes us into the world, sometimes the dark places others hesitate to go, to speak life, identity and value into those who most likely have never experienced that kind of connection. From the homeless on the streets of downown Kalamazoo, the dark corners of the sex industry, the confines of a cell or a group of teenagers many have given up on, we go and speak life and value into precious people that long to be loved.

Once a month we go out to Martin Luther King Park, to be the hands and feet of Christ.  We have an opportunity to love on the beloved of God who may not know that's exactly who they are.  We serve a meal, hot chocolate, and also give out necessities.  Each month we try to target one need so that we'll have several of that particular needed item to hand out. 



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