Angie is in the midst of a wild love affair with Jesus. He is her Passion, her Fun, her Past-time, and her Home! She absolutely loves her life mothering her adult daughter and four younger sons; as well as being head over heels in love with her husband who makes her laugh every day.

Other than soaking in all things Jesus, she loves cheering on her boys sporting events, playing any kind of game with her kids, and taking on adventures that tend to raise the eyebrows of others. Angie’s not so much of a girlie girl, but to meet her you might assume that she is.

Nothing brings her more joy than seeing others experience freedom in Christ!

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Topics of general interest.

This is an in-depth series on prayer. Our conversations are a reflection of what we believe about the person we are talking to. This truth is foundational in our prayer life. Consequently, to look at prayer, we have to get to the heart of what we believe about Who we are talking to. As we dig into prayer together, we will be exploring in a safe way, what we really believe, and how to let the Lord persuade us about Who He Is.

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