Our embrace, our way of seeing people (not by what they’ve done, but as Jesus has redeemed them to be), and our willingness to draw near to those who need Jesus’ touch, will give those who are lost, their Zacchaeus moment.

A Personal Ministry session is a time of healing, transformation
and going deeper with God. Whether you're looking for break-through
or just desiring more intimacy in your relationship with the Lord,
chances are, you'll receive both in this Holy Spirit led time.

Zacchaeus Missions

The heart of our Zacchaeus Missions is to:
Speak Life, Value and God’s Design, into and over every person we encounter

Let them know that they are not only seen, but that they matter - a lot

Get so close to each person that the Love in us overflows and oozes on to them in such a way that their life is radically changed – just like Zacchaeus

For Zacchaeus, all it took was that brief encounter with Jesus to becoming totally new. He was embraced by Love and it changed him forever.